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EVERmed products are realized with high quality materials 95% recyclable such as steel, glass, aluminium and copper.
Refrigerant gas, along with the polyurethane used, are
environmentally friendly because free of CFC and HCFC dangerous for the environment.

Waste reduction and environmentally responsible manufacturing

Through the production process management in accordance with a principle of efficiency and optimization of time, costs and materials EVERmed has been able to minimize the waste resulting from raw materials processing.


EVERmed products are made with high-density water-expanded polyurethane foam environmentally friendly, which grants a perfect thermal insulation.
Doors with automatic closing
minimize the cold air losses from the appliances reducing the consequent energy consumption.

Packaging reduction and transports optimization

Packaging are especially designed to use less material and avoid wastes.
Over the past five years
EVERmed reduced the use of carton by 60% thus creating less bulky and less heavy packaging keeping its sturdiness unaffected. This choice allows us to carry more products on each load optimizing the space available on transport means.
The transports are handled in such a way as to maximize the travel
saving fuel and reducing the delivery time.

Recommendations for use

Some small changes in the use of products, beside improving the performances of the same, help to preserve the environment.
A proper use of the product ensures a significant
energy saving as well as an extension of its lifecycle through the time.