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CIM 65

CIM 65 Cuber Ice Maker

  • Storage insulated bin made in non-toxic plastic material.
  • Sensor to stop the ice production while the storage bin is full. 
  • Nr 4 adjustable feet, made in plastic material.
  • Water inlet and outlet located in the rear part of the appliance. The water inlet is 3/4” size, while the water outlet is 24 mm Ø. Both the pipes for the water inlet and outlet are included in the machine, the one for the inlet is about 110 cm long, while the outlet is about 50 cm.
  • Bottom mounted cooling unit with the condensing unit compounded by Nr 1 hermetic compressor and Nr 1 finned condenser, air cooled through a fan, in the version “A”, or Nr 1 condenser, water cooled, in the version “W”. The motor compartment incorporates the special evaporator with the shape of the cubes (approx. 18 gr each) that, once formed, automatically releases them into the storage bin.
  • Water consumption (litres/Kg): 2,8 (version A), 13 (version W).
  • Nr 1 glass cartridge fuse with a rating of 10A, at protection of the appliance.
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Technical Features

Product Code


Climatic Class

+16°C / +38°C (ST)

External Dimensions (W x D x H mm)

740 x 600 x 980

Electrical Data

Power Supply (V/ph/Hz)


Power Plug

Type F

Structural Features

Production Kg/24h


Storage Capacity (Kg)



  • Refrigerant R452a
  • Voltage 230V/1ph/60Hz
  • Voltage 115V/1ph/60Hz
  • Plug type A
  • Plug type B
  • Plug type G
  • Plug type I
  • Wooden crate packing
Download Technical Data Sheet

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