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BBR MD Blood bank refrigerators

Our blood bank refrigerators, certified as Medical Device, BBR MD are essential tools for safely and reliably storing blood and blood products intended for transfusion into the human body.

Discover the full range of blood bank refrigerators BBR MD and contact us for more information.

Our blood bank refrigerators BBR MD are available in two versions. The first is made in white plastic coated sheet steel with antibacterial treatment, while the second is made of stainless steel for a high quality finish.

The BBR MD range is composed by 10 different models available in capacity from 110 to 1365 litres. This allows to always find the ideal size to meet any storage volume needs.

The doors are equipped with triple crystal glass, which provides an insulating barrier to maintain an even temperature inside. The full-height handle makes the operations of opening and closing the doors comfortable and effortless.

The internal set-up consists of completely removable stainless steel drawers for an easy use, optimal and tidy storage of the blood bags thanks to the internal dividers as well as correct and uniform circulation of cold air.

The LED lighting inside the appliances offers ideal visibility, making it easier to search and locate products. Ventilated refrigeration ensures uniform and optimal distribution of the cold, avoiding the formation of thermal inhomogeneity points.

For easy management of maintenance operations, our BBRs MD are equipped with automatic defrosting with condensation evaporation. This reduces potential ice buildup and ensures efficient, uninterrupted operation.

The standard finish includes the xPRO panel with 3.5" color display with touch buttons, temperature graph, events and alarms as well as a backup battery in case of a power failure for superior management of all functions. A mechanical type graphic thermo-recorder is independent of the control for safety feedback.

With their advanced features, different capacities, various finishing options, our BBRs MD fit perfectly to the specific needs of transfusion centers, blood banks, hospitals and healthcare facilities at various levels, guaranteeing optimal preservation performances.

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