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EPRF-C Portable refrigerators/Freezers

Evermed's EPRF-C series consists of portable refrigerator/freezers designed for the pharmaceutical and medical sectors. They guarantee maximum reliability when storing and transporting the most delicate samples.

Choose Evermed for a highly reliable portable storage solution. Contact us today for more information and to find the device that best suits your specific needs.

The EPRF-C series portable refrigerator/freezers combine a robust, impact-resistant plastic exterior with an aluminium inner lining, providing the protection and thermal insulation needed to keep samples safe in any situation.

With four models to choose from and capacities from 22 to 82 litres, you will find the perfect solution for your specific needs. The electronic-digital temperature control offers the precision needed to keep samples at the desired conditions, with an audible and visual alarm to ensure constant monitoring.

Flexibility is a key element in this series, with a choice of fridge and freezer temperature ranges to suit the needs of your samples. The EPRF-C refrigerator/freezers are capable of operating on voltages from 12/24V to 110-230V/50-60Hz, making it possible to use them wherever you are.

Thanks to static compressor refrigeration, these devices ensure even cold distribution inside the refrigerator/freezer, protecting samples from temperature fluctuations. Evermed's EPRF-C series is the ideal choice to keep your samples in optimal condition, wherever your medical or pharmaceutical activities take you.

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