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EPRF-C Portable Refrigerators/Freezers

The portable fridge-freezers EPRF C range is designed for the pharmaceutical and medical sectors to guarantee maximum reliability in the conservation and transport of samples most susceptible to rapid deterioration which require a temperature varying between +10°C and -24°C.

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The range of portable refrigerators/freezers EPRF-C combines a robust external construction in shock-proof plastic material and increased insulation thickness with an internal aluminum lining, providing the protection necessary to keep samples safe in any situation.

The range consists of four models with capacities between 22 and 82 litres. The MINI electronic-digital temperature control, complete with alarms for temperatures is simple and reliable and capable of guaranteeing the essential functions required of a professional product.

Versatility is a key element of this series, with support for voltages from 12/24V to 110-230V/50-60Hz which therefore allows the device to be connected inside vehicles or to the standard electrical network.

Static compressor refrigeration ensures uniform distribution of the cold inside the unit, protecting what is stored from temperature changes. The EPRF C range offers the peace of mind of knowing that the material transported is at the desired temperature even outside the healthcare or research facility.

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