3 solution for temperatures data collection, chart recorder on diagrams, electronic printer or data-logger function through USB port

The data-logger function through a USB port (available for all the products provided with the PRO controller) is an advanced system for temperature acquisition which allow to download on a USB key a file with the temperatures memorized from the controller at pre-set intervals (adjustable). The new concept of this system is the easy handling of the file with the datas as it is a simple note-pad file (running with whatever PC Windows operating) that can be easily reconverted into an Excel data-sheet from which is possible to obtain charts or classify downloaded data. For a complete security the file contains also a digital signature to avoid tampering. The USB key, allow to record the temperature details of the last 5 years operation (with recording intervals of 10 minutes).

The electronic temperature printer records the temperature in an internal non-volatile memory the temperature of the appliance. The recording periods and intervals are fully adjustable and can be easily set through the printer soft-touchpads and the wide display (with clear written indications). It is possible to select among 3 printing modes according to the need, online (printing out at fix intervals), on daily basis (once per day) or an historical report of all the datas acquired. The temperature printer is provided with an its own independent sensor, that can be optionally extended at 2 (second temperature). To increase the safety level, it is included an alarm for sensor failure. The printing is ink-free on thermal paper.

The temperature chart recorder traces on 7-days circular paper charts the trend of the internal temperature. It is provided with a transparent perspex cover (with safety key locking) to allow immediate control of the chart. The temperature chart recorder has an its own independent sensor for the temperature relieve and works with a 1,5V battery (AA size) to grant continuous recording even during power failure periods.