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All products comply with European standards and are guaranteed by the CE mark

Evermed range is composed by 9 different types of products:

Refrigerators: Cabinets with glass or solid door at higher temperatures than 0°C

Freezers: Cabinets with glass or solid door and chest at lower temperatures than 0°C

Medical Devices: Refrigerating and freezing cabinets designed for blood and blood products storage, certified according to MDD 93/42/EC

2 temperatures: Cabinets with 2 independent compartments and combinations of refrigerator (higher temperature than 0°C) and freezer (lower temperature than 0°C)

Incubator: Cabinets at controlled temperature between +2°C and +50°C

Portable refrigerators-freezers: Appliances designed for the transport of medical/scientific products

Ice Makers: Appliances for the production of flake or cube ice

Modular mortuary chambers and complementary equipment: Chambers for bodies storage available at +5°C or -20°C, autoply tables, transport and lifting trolleys

Modular refrigerating chambers: Chambers at controlled temperature for the big storage available at +5°C or -20°C, the multiple modularity allows to satisfy every space requirement

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