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Committed to safety and quality: Evermed's certifications and standards

Our professional refrigerators and freezers are designed and manufactured in compliance with the strict European regulations. Our priority is to guarantee maximum safety and reliability for hospital, pharmaceutical and laboratory activities.

All our products carry with them the CE certification, which attests our commitment to quality and compliance with current regulations. This certification represents a symbol of trust for our customers, confirming our dedication in providing reliable, high-level solutions.

The production of our refrigerators and freezers is guided by the company's ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality standards. These standards represent our constant pursuit of excellence and quality in production processes, ensuring that our products meet always the highest expectations.

In addition, our blood banks and medical freezers for plasma and blood products storage are registered as Medical Devices in class IIa, in accordance with the MDD 93/42/EC.

This classification reflects the importance we place on the safety and effectiveness of our products in critical contexts such as hospital and healthcare environments, ensuring that they meet the highest quality and regulatory standards.

Our medical refrigerators and freezers are reliable, certified and high-quality solutions, designed to meet the increasingly demanding requests of hospital and healthcare facilities.

Medical Devices in class IIa

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