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Green Policy

Environmental sustainability in the production of refrigeration products for the medical market

Evermed is strongly committed to promoting environmental sustainability in every aspect of the production of its equipment. 

Our dedication to this goal is reflected in our company philosophy and in the concrete actions we take to reduce the environmental impact of our products.

Evermed green policy

Continuous energy-saving research

At Evermed, we continuously invest in research and development of advanced energy-saving technologies.

The design of our refrigerators and freezers is driven by the search for innovative solutions that reduce energy consumption, thus contributing to environmental sustainability.

Our product range is designed for optimal energy efficiency without compromising the performances.

Recyclable materials and effective insulation

All our cabinets are made of highly recyclable materials, 95% of which can be recovered and reused at the end of the product's life cycle. In addition, our focus on effective insulation contributes to better internal temperature retention, reducing the need for energy for cooling.

This approach significantly reduces the ecological footprint of our products.

Clean energy from renewable sources

Evermed prides itself on using clean energy derived largely from renewable sources to power our manufacturing operations.

This allows us to minimise our energy-related environmental impact and contribute to the fight against climate change.

We have taken a number of initiatives to further reduce our ecological footprint. Our goal is to continue to innovate and adopt more sustainable practices to protect the planet and future generations.

Green and Ozone-Friendly

Our environmental responsibility also extends to the use of environmentally friendly gases in our products. We use gases that are not harmful to the ozone layer, ensuring the protection of the environment and public health.

Environmental sustainability is an integral part of our mission and vision for a better future.

By choosing our products, you are helping to promote sustainability in the medical sector and preserving our planet for future generations.

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