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BLCRF Basic Laboratory Combination Refrigerator/Freezer

Our BLCRF laboratory fridge-freezer is a tool with essential features to safely and reliably store sensitive products such as vaccines, reagents and biological samples that require different temperatures in a single cabinet.

Discover our BLCRF laboratory fridge-freezer and contact us for more information.

Our BLCRF laboratory fridge-freezer is made of white plasticized sheet steel on the outside and non-toxic plastic material on the inside.

The BLCRF range is composed by a single model divided into two compartments for a total capacity of 370 litres.

The insulated doors are made with high-density polyurethane foam and lined with the same material as the structure to ensure greater thermal insulation creating an ideal environment for storing precious specimens and highly heat-sensitive materials.

The internal equipment consists of grilled shelves in the refrigerator compartment, which allow correct circulation of cold air and uniform temperature distribution, and removable plastic drawers for the freezer compartment.

The internal lighting in the refrigerator compartment offers clear visibility of the contents, facilitating the search and identification of products while the ventilated refrigeration ensures uniform and optimal distribution of the cold, avoiding the formation of thermal inhomogeneity. The static refrigeration of the freezer compartment offers a controlled environment and guarantees temperature stability essential for the preservation of the most precious scientific resources.

The MINI electronic-digital temperature control is simple and reliable, capable of guaranteeing the essential safety functions of a professional product.

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