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LCRF Laboratory combination refrigerator/Freezer

Evermed's LCRF series of laboratory refrigerator/freezer combinations are the ideal solution for your laboratory storage needs.

Choose Evermed's LCRF laboratory refrigerator/freezer combinations for a reliable, high-performance solution for storing samples and sensitive products.

The LCRF refrigerator/freezer combinations are made of high quality materials, available in two variants: steel epoxy coated white colour or in stainless steel both, depending on the model you choose. This durable construction guarantees robustness and longevity.

The LCRF range includes seven models, with capacities ranging from 260 to 2100 litres, giving you a versatile choice according to your storage needs. Each combined refrigerator/freezer has separate compartments that are completely independent of each other, allowing you to maintain different temperatures in each compartment for optimal storage of your samples or products.

The insulated doors of the LCRF combinations are made of the same durable material as the structure, ensuring effective thermal insulation. This ensures stable internal temperatures and the integrity of your sensitive samples or products.

Inside, the grid shelves offer a flexible arrangement to organise your samples or products. In addition, you have the option of combining shelves and drawers for customised and convenient storage.

The interior lighting of the LCRF refrigerator/freezer combinations ensures clear visibility inside the compartments, allowing you to quickly locate the samples or products you want.

Ventilated refrigeration ensures an even distribution of cold inside the compartments, maintaining stable and homogenous temperatures for optimal storage. With the automatic defrost function with condensate evaporation, LCRF refrigerator/freezer combinations simplify maintenance. The system automatically removes excess ice and moisture, ensuring optimal refrigerator/freezer performance.

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