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MPRR Medical-pharmaceutical refrigerator/Refrigerator

Our Medical and Pharmaceutical Combination of Refrigerators with Glass door MPRR are essential tools for safely and reliably storing sensitive products such as vaccines, reagents and biological samples that require different temperatures in a single cabinet.

Discover the complete range of Medical and Pharmaceutical Combination of Refrigerators with Glass door MPRR and contact us for more information.

Our Medical and Pharmaceutical Combination of Refrigerators with Glass door MPRR are available in white coated sheet steel with antibacterial treatment.

The MPRR range is composed by 4 different models (each divided into two compartments of equal volume) which vary in capacity from 260 to 625 litres. This allows you to always find the ideal size to meet any storage volume needs.

The doors are realized in triple crystal glass, which provides an insulating barrier to maintain an even temperature inside. The full-height handle makes opening and closing doors comfortable and effortless.

The internal equipment consists of grilled shelves, which allow correct circulation of cold air and uniform temperature distribution. Furthermore, it is possible to combine shelves, drawers and baskets to better optimize the organization of the stored products.

The LED lighting inside each compartment offers optimal visibility, making it easier to search and locate products as well as sanitizing the air thanks to the included UVA rays. Ventilated refrigeration ensures uniform and optimal distribution of the cold, avoiding the formation of thermal inhomogeneity points.

The offer also allows the choice between two electronic-digital control systems (one for each compartment): LITE complete and essential with audible and visual alarms for critical conditions and the innovative ADVANCED with 7" color touch display, multi-user access, temperature graph, automatic recording of data, events and alarms as well as backup battery in the event of a power failure for superior management of all functions.

With their advanced features, different capacities, various finishing options and the possibility of choosing the control panel, our MPRRs perfectly suit to the specific needs of healthcare and research facilities at various levels, guaranteeing optimal conservation performances.

Choose Evermed and discover the quality, reliability and safety we offer. Our range of MPRR dual-temperature medical and pharmaceutical refrigerators with glass door is designed to satisfy the most demanding user, offering superior performance and attention to detail.

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