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BLCF Basic laboratory chest freezers

The basic chest laboratory freezers BLCF is the ideal alternative for storing samples and heat-sensitive materials down to a minimum temperature of -25°C.

Discover the BLCF range for a reliable storage solution.

Thanks to their robust construction, insulated lid and static refrigeration, our BLCFs offer a controlled environment and a temperature stability essential for the preservation of the most precious scientific resources.

The BLCF range is composed by 5 models available from 130 to 420 litres. This allows to always find the ideal size to meet any storage volume needs.

Made with high quality materials, in white plastic-coated steel sheet internally and externally, our BLCF are equipped with an insulated lid with compensated opening, which allows easy opening and safe closing. The lid itself is equipped with a key lock to ensure the protection of what is stored.

The MINI electronic-digital temperature control is simple and reliable, capable of guaranteeing the essential safety functions of a professional product.

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