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LCDF Laboratory chest deep freezers

Evermed's LCDF range of horizontal laboratory freezers is the ideal solution for efficient storage of your samples and sensitive materials.

Choose Evermed's LCDF horizontal laboratory freezers for a reliable storage solution. With their durable construction, insulated lid and static refrigeration, these freezers offer a safe and stable environment for storing your most valuable samples and materials.

These freezers are made of high quality materials, with steel epoxy coated white colour and aluminium inside, ensuring strength and durability.

The LCDF range offers a selection of five models, with capacities ranging from 120 to 460 litres, allowing you to choose the size best suited to your storage needs.

LCDF freezers are equipped with an insulated lid with a compensated opening, allowing easy access and secure closure. In addition, the lid is equipped with a key lock to ensure the protection of your contents.

The electronic-digital temperature control allows you to precisely monitor and adjust the conditions inside the freezer. This feature ensures stable and consistent storage of your samples, maintaining quality and integrity over time.

With static refrigeration, LCDF freezers offer an even distribution of cold inside the unit. This ensures effective and uniform storage of your samples, preventing unwanted temperature fluctuations. The temperature can be set down to -45°C, creating an ideal environment for storing particularly sensitive materials.

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