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ULF Ultra-low freezers

Discover Evermed's ULF category, the latest innovation in ultra freezers designed for sample storage at extremely low temperatures, suitable for pharmaceutical or scientific laboratories.

Choose Evermed's ULF freezers for an advanced and reliable storage solution in your laboratory. With their robust construction and design, these freezers are the ideal choice for long-term storage of your most sensitive materials.

These freezers are made of high quality materials, with steel epoxy coated outside and stainless steel inside, ensuring robustness and durability.

The ULF range offers a selection of five models, with capacities ranging from 125 to 725 litres, to meet the different storage needs of any laboratory. Regardless of the size you choose, you can count on reliable performance and optimal storage for your samples and sensitive materials.

The insulated doors of ULF freezers are made of the same material as the frame, ensuring effective thermal insulation and even temperature distribution inside the freezer. In addition, the doors are lockable to ensure the safety and protection of your valuable contents.

Inside the ULF freezers you will find stainless steel shelves, which provide a hygienic and resistant surface for organising your samples. In addition, there are internal counter doors for better separation and protection of delicate materials.

With an operating temperature of up to -86°C, ULF freezers offer an ideal environment for storing biological samples, reagents and other materials that are extremely sensitive to low temperatures.

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