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CIM Cuber ice makers

Evermed's CIM series are ice cube makers specially designed for medical and pharmaceutical laboratories.

Evermed's CIM series is the ideal choice for those looking for an ice maker capable of producing ice cubes. Choose the CIM series to ensure a constant supply of ice for the storage of sensitive pharmaceutical and medical products.
Contact us today for more information and to find the model that best suits your specific use.

These devices, made of robust stainless steel, are designed to guarantee high quality ice in a wide range of applications.

With nine models to choose from, the CIM series covers all needs, with automatic production ranging from 18 to 80 kg/24h.

A highlight of this series is the built-in ice reservoir with full stop. This ensures that you always have a quantity of ice available.

In addition, you can choose between two cooling options: air cooling or water cooling. This flexibility allows you to easily integrate the device in different contexts without compromising performance.

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