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CIM Cube ice makers

The Cubed Ice Makers CIM guarantee a constant supply of ice and are essential to reply to the immediate request in orthopedic departments, physiotherapy centers and first emergency facilities.

Discover the full range of our CIM cuber ice makers and contact us to get more info! 

The of Cubed Ice Makers CIM is composed by 9 models starting from a production capacity of 18 kg up to 80 kg in 24 hours.

Made of stainless steel for a high quality finish, they feature a built-in ice storage container of variable capacity depending on the model with automatic control that allows to accumulate cubed ice in quantity and a constant supply even at times of greatest demand.

The possibility of choosing the type of cooling that best suits the installation needs is another strong point of this series, which offers air or water cooling options, to integrate the device into different environments without compromising the performances.

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