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CI Cooled incubators

Evermed offers refrigerated incubators of the CI series, ideal for meeting the needs of pharmaceutical and medical laboratories.

Evermed is a leading provider of refrigeration solutions for medical and pharmaceutical environments, discover the full range and contact us for more information.

Available in two high-quality versions - steel epoxy coated white colour or stainless steel - these refrigerated incubators stand out for their versatility and reliability.

With a total of eight models to choose from, the CI series is designed to meet a wide range of requirements, with capacities ranging from 130 to 1365 litres
Insulated doors, made of the same material as the structure, provide superior airtightness, allowing precise temperature control inside.

The incubators are equipped with grid shelves that offer flexibility in organising the interior space, and the possibility of combining shelves and drawers for greater customisation. 
Internal lighting ensures clear visibility inside the incubator, facilitating access and handling of samples.

Ventilated refrigeration maintains an even temperature distribution, ensuring that every point within the incubator is maintained at the desired conditions. 
In addition, the automatic defrosting system with condensate evaporation simplifies maintenance and ensures continuous operation without interruption.

With the ability to reach temperatures of up to +50°C, Evermed's CI Series refrigerated incubators are the ideal option for safe storage and preservation of sensitive samples in medical and pharmaceutical environments. Precision and reliability are guaranteed, helping to maintain the quality of your essential materials.

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