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Complementary autopsy equipments Complementary mortuary equipments

Evermed presents its range of complementary autopsy items with the CAE series, designed to meet the specific needs of the autopsy industry.

By choosing Evermed's complementary autopsy items, you can count on high-quality products that are perfectly suited to your specific needs. 
Contact us for more information and to find out how our range of autopsy and complementary items works.

Our selection includes high-quality corpse transport trolleys and autopsy tables, ensuring a safe and efficient working environment.

For corpse transport, we offer two models of trolleys. Each model is designed to make it easy to transport and lift stretchers safely and efficiently. Whether you prefer a hydraulic-manual or electro-hydraulic solution, you will find the perfect trolley for your needs.

Our autopsy tables offer a flexible range that includes distinct models. From simple body stops to professional tables, each of our tables is designed with attention to detail to ensure maximum functionality in autopsy.

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