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The positive temperature Modular Mortuary Chambers MMC+ represent the ideal solution for the short-term conservation of bodies at a temperature between 0°C and +12°C and for their management, offering the flexibility and discretion necessary to meet specific needs of hospital sectors, in the fields of pathological anatomy and forensic medicine, as well as in emergency facilities.

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The positive temperature modular morgues MMC+ are made of stainless steel for a high quality finish and are available in 5 different models, with capacities ranging from 2 to 9 bodies, to adapt to the specific needs of the installation environment.

The doors are made with high density polyurethane foam to guarantee ideal thermal insulation and covered with the same material as the main structure. The internal equipment consists of stainless steel stretchers with a fully removable tub bottom and anti-tipping guides.

The cooling unit, placed on the ceiling, guarantees uniformity of the temperature inside the chamber thanks to forced refrigeration while the automatic defrosting system with condensation evaporation simplifies maintenance and allows continuous operation without interruptions.

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