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Evermed presents laboratory refrigerators, essential for storing pharmaceutical products.

At Evermed, we are committed to providing reliable solutions for pharmaceutical and medical laboratories. Choose Evermed for your storage needs and discover the difference a high quality solution can make for your laboratory.

Our two versions of laboratory refrigerators, made of white plastic-coated steel sheet or stainless steel, offer robustness and durability.

With a wide range of choices, our laboratory refrigerators offer 10 different models, ranging in capacity from 130 to 2100 litres. Regardless of the size of your laboratory, you will find the ideal model to meet your specific storage needs.

The insulated doors of our laboratory refrigerators are made of the same material as the frame, ensuring thermal insulation and even temperature distribution. This helps maintain a stable temperature inside the refrigerator, creating an ideal environment for storing your samples and sensitive materials.

Internally, they are equipped with grid shelves, which allow for proper cold air circulation and even temperature distribution. In addition, we offer the possibility of combining shelves and drawers to optimise storage space and organise your products.

To simplify maintenance, our laboratory refrigerators are equipped with automatic defrosting with condensate evaporation. This process reduces ice build-up and ensures efficient and uninterrupted operation.

The interior lighting of our laboratory refrigerators offers clear visibility of the contents, making it easier to find and locate your samples and materials. In addition, ventilated refrigeration ensures even cold distribution, preventing hot spots from forming inside the refrigerator.

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