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MFC Modular refrigerating chambers

Evermed presents the MFC series of modular cold rooms, designed to meet the specific requirements of the medical, pharmaceutical and scientific sectors. 
These modular cold rooms offer an unlimited range of construction solutions in terms of dimensions and heights, guaranteeing versatility and adaptability.

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MRC modular cold rooms are available in two high-quality versions: white plastic-coated sheet steel or stainless steel. Insulation with high-density polyurethane, with a thickness of 70 or 100 mm, guarantees an exceptional thermal seal for the safe storage of your sensitive materials.

The doors of MFC cold rooms are equipped with different passage solutions and are fitted with a lock and internal security opening, guaranteeing safe and controlled access. You can choose the refrigeration unit that best suits your needs, with a wide range of models and options for wall, ceiling or remote mounting.

Temperatures inside MFC cold rooms can be negatively regulated, from -5°C to -20°C, to ensure optimal storage of your sensitive materials.

By choosing Evermed's MFC modular cold rooms, you can count on versatile, quality storage solutions for your medical, pharmaceutical and scientific materials. 

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